SAR Environmental Technology

Intensive and practical training

as an optimum preparation for daily operation

Operating a plant or part of a plant taking account of and complying with all framework conditions is a complex process. This makes winning over and involving those people who control operation and will later take over responsibility for this all the more important. Comprehensive knowledge of the plant and understanding of the connections in order to be able to make the right decisions in every situation are fundamental elements of functional overall operation. Practical and intensive training forms the basis for this.

SAR provides training sessions which enable the plant staff to safely meet the demands made of them. The training sessions are held on site, or, if this is not possible - e.g. in the event of the new plant not yet being complete - they can be held in our training facilities. In our head office in Dingolfing it is possible to simulate various plant conditions using a fully constructed control room.

Growing emphasis is being placed on ensuring that the groups to be trained are not too large. In the case of existing plants, training sessions are arranged around the relevant shift operation in order to have a minimal impact upon operational processes and to ensure that all those involved receive adequate training.

The aim is to ensure that all of the operating staff who will have to control the plant from the control room have the same level of knowledge. Furthermore, the operator can rest assured that their staff is so well trained that each individual can ensure safe operation in every situation, in accordance with technical capacities.

Training sessions are often carried out in parallel to the commissioning of a plant or part of a plant. This process has been repeatedly proven in practice. "Learning by doing" results in deeper knowledge and removes any uncertainty.

All training sessions are carried out by SAR'S own staff. This means that we can ensure consistent high quality and that the expert knowledge we have acquired can be passed on 1:1. SAR maintains its relationship with its clients even after the project has been completed. Many plant operators make use of our after sales service, which is generally carried out annually. Follow-up training for operating staff is also a good idea in order to counter any possible bad practice in particular plant conditions.