SAR Environmental Technology

Research and development

The incineration of waste, replacement fuels, biomasses and fossil fuels is a tried and trusted technology which has been in use for centuries. Despite this, there are always new challenges to be faced that make the development and improvement of the procedures and processes involved necessary.

Changes to the composition of waste, ever more stringent requirements for emission limit values and for the quality of residual fuels are just some examples of this.

Better exploitation of the energy contained in the fuel and optimisation of plant operation, subject to strict compliance with all statutory framework conditions, are the specific tasks here.

Plant operators are constantly striving to operate their plants with maximum possible efficiency in respect of energy and resources.

SAR takes on these challenges and has, for years, maintained extensive research and development programmes in close cooperation with research institutes, universities, operators and partners.

At SAR our top priority is to undertake practice-oriented research. Once all the theoretical considerations have been worked through, these must be proven in practice or further investigated and developed further. Wherever and whenever possible, the trial runs necessary for this are undertaken in existing and many other large-scale plants, as so-called "trial and pilot plant facilities" rarely reflect the harsh environmental conditions which predominate in practice. Only in this way can the results of our research have the required relevance to actual practice.

Particular areas of focus for our research and development work

  • Further development of the patented SAR combustion control system e.g. using model predictive control algorithms and improvement of conventional PID controllers
  • Application and implementation of Advanced Process Control tools in process engineering systems
  • Analysis and influencing of corrosion behaviour by the combustion control system
  • Investigation and further development of modern measurement techniques for furnaces
  • EFRE research project
  • VOKOS research project (only available in German)