SAR Environmental Technology


Comprehensive consultancy
and presentation of the available alternatives

Incinerator operators are often faced with complex tasks, for which they require targeted and practical advice which also takes account of the economic aspects in order to find solutions. This applies equally to existing and new plants.

A priority is often the question of the long-term effects on the operation and availability of the plant of the desired solution. Avoiding incorrect decisions which give rise to costs that further increase the economic pressure is well worthwhile.

SAR provides expert advice in order to avoid precisely that. Our staff know from years of experience which solutions and applications have been proven in practice and which alternatives are available. Pointing out the compromises that have to be made enables these to be discussed, because the ideal solution is only possible in very rare cases. Our customers can rest assured that they will be offered every available option, as SAR is both independent and vendor-neutral.

SAR's company philosophy is based on providing our customers with the solution that makes the best technical and economic sense. Of course, every company must bear its own economic interests in mind, and that is no different at SAR, but we are convinced that this philosophy will ensure the company's long-term success, because we want to ensure that we are still there for you as your expert partner in the future too.

We know that every company will present itself in a positive light. Sometimes, following a personal exchange of information on experiences from one customer to another, the situation is shown to be completely different and any differences become more evident. That is why we consider an exchange of information very important and actively promote it.

Even if the specific behaviours of plants can only be compared to a limited extent, this process has proven successful and is frequently employed. We cannot make the decision for you, but we do everything we can to make it easier for you to make. Get in touch with our customers and find out for yourself what kind of quality has been provided by SAR.

As a medium-sized enterprise that has been in existence for more than 30 years, we are available to our customers for the long term and will oversee the whole life cycle of the plant. We are always interested in adding to our specialist knowledge in order to be able use the newly acquired knowledge for the next task. Why not set us a challenge?